Don’t be afraid of the big bad drag, She’s brassy, She’s blunt, She’s frankly a bit of a c*%t but She’s finally here to try and help you guys and gals sort out your problems.

Dear Dragony Aunt,

I’ve  been with my boyfriend for a few months. People have been telling me that he isn’t trustworthy and a liar, a cheat and a thief.  I fell for him very fast, even though he already had a boyfriend when I met him,  but after he told me he wasnt happy and wanted out I believed him.

Things were going really well, although, he was always on the phone, and constantly talked about money. He didn’t work much yet he always had plenty of money, he was always taking me places like to the circus and concerts, and i never questioned where he got it. 

Until my mothers bank card went missing. The bank called to tell her there had been unusual activity on her card, buying DJ software and trying to get loans in her name, my aunt also had her rent money taken from her house and uncle had his money go missing too.

I thought about it and decided it couldn’t be a coincidence that it had happened to us all so I decided to check my boyfriends emails if not just to put my mind at rest. Then I saw the emails in black and white for myself. I felt sick, I just didn’t know what to think. I know I have to confront him about it but I don’t know what to do, I’ve forwarded the emails to my own email address so I have them as proof.

I don’t know what to do, I’ve also heard he has stolen from others and also from people he has worked for. I know I have to say something because he can’t get away with it. But what do I do dragony aunt? help!

Glitz say: Well hunny if u got a lot of proof get the guy told. Nobody has the right to steal off anyone; especially a loved one and their family. I’m surprised your family havent strung him up  to be perfectly honest.

I definitely think you must confront him about it, but first of all I’d go around all the other people he has stolen from and find out their stories and explain your own – that way the message will get around that people can’t trust him.

I’d then will take it all to the police and report it as theft.

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