GW sits sipping gin in the private dressing room of the megastar, the sun shines through the window bouncing of the sequins of a thousand priceless frocks. The drag diva Sordid is already late but we are assured that she is on showbiz time and is well worth the wait. Sordid gracefully arrives with her entourage and swiftly polishes off the gin as we prepare to start.

GW- Hello Sordid, you’ve been on the scene (on many scenes) for a fair few years now but how did you get into being a drag artist and what was the first time like?

SS- Hi, I started a long time ago, it was originally discussed in the very early hours of a Saturday night after another hard nights work, and the venue I then worked in needed something new something different to spark up the mid week, so me being me decided to pipe up amongst this drunken brain storm “how I about I wear a dress and parade about…” and as they say the rest is history!

As for what it was like, well for all drag queens we have a drag mother however I was the exception to the rule I had and still have a fairy drag father the infamous Marky Mark, who kindly guided me on ones first steps (Mark watch your head doesn’t burst dear whilst reading this) I also had my Drag mother who I will come back to later on the Fabulous Miss Blanche. Now the first time I got ready all I remember is being so nervous and shaking uncontrollably and being a bumbling mess!, but I held my nerve and got through it thanks in part to several double brandy’s courtesy of my fairy drag farther! I have to say it’s a trade you have to learn and you have to stick with it, its all about the mistakes there good things in this business as that’s what you learn from, there’s no How to Drag for dummies or DVD to watch actually there’s no how to guide at all! You have to stick at it and learn.

GW- Drag queens and their handbag carrying fans can often be quite protective over their favourite drag artist’s, when you first started out did you find it hard making a name for yourself and did you experience harsh criticism/envy from the other older kings and queens?

SS- When people start out they often try and be everything all at once and be “HERE I AM!” And its such the wrong way to go, when you start as I did you have no name you have no credibility you have no following, you have nothing, I quietly spent my first year as a Drag queen quietly building myself up, learning my trade and adding to it and branching out slowly, and it was hard and still is.

As for older queens in the business, there’s always the green monsters running about but if you believe what your doing is right and have faith in your self then its easily water of a ducks arse. The vast majority of the industry behind the showbiz banter actually form a very strong bond and T.I.T’s (Tranny’s in Training) are often taken under their wing and guided. Yes you do have dark days and people who believe they know better but it’s the same in any career you choose to follow.

GW- The Gay Wakefield scene that you was part of for many years is going through quite a big transformation at the moment but do you have any intention of making a return to not so shakey anymore wakey?

SS- I do my departure from the scene was very much out of ones hands everything changes and nothing stays the same. Id like to return of course, I was one of the Queen’s of the Scene for many years. But alas its not in my hands, all I know is my hard work and own merit will carry me through and work is never far away for me.

GW- What has been you’re biggest achievement so far as a queen on the scene?

SS- My biggest achievement would have to be an accumulation of all my hard work, which has now lead me to having my own Cabaret show every Friday night, which is all choreographed, prepared, and chosen by myself, and to have The Bridge in Gay Leeds put that much faith in me as an artist is a great feeling, as I have free rain to make it exactly how I want it to be and the support I receive from both them as a venue and from how fabulous regulars is amazing.

GW- Which other artist if any inspired/inspires Sordid?

I’ve learnt a lot in my time and have been very lucky to work along side some fantastic artists and had the chance to learn a lot from them. Ricky Glass has always been my idol, to watch him work its an art form, he connects with every punter, and is always quick enough to make sure his in total command of his audience, I’ve learnt many important skills from him. Miss Blanche my fabulous Drag Mother who is always the professional and elegant but scolding when needs be! I learnt to understand if your good at what you do work will come to you, this business is a marathon not a race. I learnt just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should. And the others are from my many holidays in Brighton watching the likes of Dave Lynn, Miss Jason, Sandra, and the rest of them, who I learnt Drag isn’t about insulting an audience its all about connecting with them and building a relationship and remembering that its all about them and not about you.

GW- What does Sordid eat for breakfast?

SS – Ha ha what do I eat for Breakfast, my dear how many drag queens do you know who are up before 3pm? The only time am up for breakfast is when I still haven’t gone to bed yet!

GW- Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

SS – Oh there are a lot of things I want to have done by then, I aren’t bothered about becoming a millionaire or anything like that though! All I can say is where ever I am, I’ll be having a damn good time, and will still be just as outrageous. I honestly don’t care were I am as long as it’s fun and as long as there’s brandy!

GW- Finally where can the guys and gals of GW and beyond currently catch you performing and what not?

SS- Well at the moment I am currently, at Queens Court (Gay Leeds) every Wednesday for M&S Bingo, Fridays at The Bridge (Gay Leeds) for SB Fridays (Simply Beautiful Cabaret Show with Sordid and Benjamin), Sundays you can drop in at the Yorkshire Hussar (Gay York) for afternoon Cabaret and camp disco. If it’s a Bank Holiday Sunday then I’ll be at Uber Village (Gay Bradford) hosting there outside terrace party!

As for Pride Season, I’ll be performing at Bradford Pride and hosting the after party at Uber Village. I’ll be Hosting York Pride along side Marky Mark as well as hosting the Pre pride warm up and the After Party. On Wakefield Pride day I’ll be Hosting the Gay Pride Event on Southgate alongside Miss Blanche all day, and we will both be hosting an after party. Leeds Pride I’ll be performing on the Briggate stage, and will be taking you through at The Bridge to the small hours.

Thankyou Sordid, much love from GW


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