GW received a lovely postcard from gayleeds’ quirky Viaduct Starlet Uma Daze. Uma is currently having a break from the girls and is working in lovely Turkey.

umaWell hello boy and girls! Just a quick update for you all whilst I’m on my travels! As most of you may know I’m now working at Bobbie Kents International Playgirls show! In marmaris, turkey!

I’ve been here just under a month now and its been amazing so far, Gorgeous weather, Amazing beaches and fabulous free poured drinks! Ha-ha! The show launches in just under a weeks time and team and myself are all getting excited! From Pricilla to river dance the show has it all!

I’ve already met some amazing people too. Including my dancers Darren and Nicki. I’m missing the viaduct starlets (Brooke spears, Pandora coxx, Mystique, Timmy J Wright & Iva! Aswel as the entire bar staff. Its been hard leaving them all but I know they’ll be there when I’m back!

Just one thing missing in my dressing room over here.. A bottle of fake blood! I’m having withdrawals! I’ve already seen a fabulous velour, juicy couture tracksuit in bright pink for Brooke! It would be lovely to see all you lovely people come out and see me! If not keep an eye out for pictures & videos!!

I have a Long island iced tea with my name on it! So that its from me for now!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t…

Uma xo

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