Everyone likes a good bitch, a nice bit of gossip or a saucy bit of info about someone’s private life. On the gay scene and I’m talking every gay scene here it’s just everyday life to talk about what is going on in each others lives, who kissed who last night and who has fallen out with who and why.

Growing into a scene can sometimes be hard, the gossip mill immediately sets into motion judging the fresh meat and rating you on you’re appearance, attitude and so on, it can be quite daunting but fuelled on Bacardi and diet coke (stereotype) the newbie can quite quickly get the hang of the bitching, back biting, counter bitching and reverse back biting. However what one can never get used to is the reasons as to why the gay mans right to be an utter light hearted bitch can suddenly turn from being a social activity to being a weapon to cause another mass pain and distress.

The gay man has often struggled and to some extent still does with pain and distress from those who didn’t and those who still believe that homosexuality is a sin, so why are we thrusting pain on ourselves from within our own community via our diva-ish mouths? The answer I can only assume is one-upmanship (no that’s not a kinky gay sex activity), we feel insecure in ourselves and so we need to make ourselves feel better by ripping some else to pieces! Yes guys and gals bitch and so on but do it nicely among friends if that makes any sense? Do it light heartedly, Do it without malice and try not to cause harm or upset. Lets all be friends who like a good bitch when we are down and a good gossip from time to time.

The GW preacher has now left the building!!!!!! ;)


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