Donna is currently working and living in London but still keeping her home in norwhich, she works as a hairdresser and is very much in love, she continues to be fabulous and does appearances and talks to help towards and raise awareness in the trans community. She still continues her fire breathing act aswell.

Lewis is currently living in London, moving from light old St Helens to go to University to do a course on Television/Animation in film making, he is currently dating and had his chest surgery earlier this year after raising the money having donations from the likes of stephen fry and graham norton.

Drew is currently working in Leeds as a makeup artist for Illamasqua. She met a farmer from oxford and fell in love. She is a patron to two charities, and does regular talks in schools, universities and youthgroups, she is a weekly guest on manchesters radio station Gaydio.Fox is currently living in Brighton and had his chest surgery in the U.S earlier this year, the results were amazing and he is very happy with the outcome. He is happy in love, and continues to work as an artist selling prints, t-shirts and paintings, he also does work to help the trans community.

Karen is currently living in Essex, she is dating and is looking to get back into the police force, her surgery went amazing and the results are fantastic, she does regular pa’s to help raise trans awareness by doing appearances and talks at prides.

Sarah: sarah is currently working and living in brighton, she is a barmaid in a pub and is in the middle of writing her autobiography aswell and carrying on with her blogs, she too does work to help raise trans awareness.

Max: max is currently working and living in london, he has a blog he likes to write where he discuss’s his opinions on trans issues and how we can help make it more accepting aswell as an insight to his life he too also does work to help raise trans awareness.

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