nocure-getovetitOn Thursday 28th February I was asked to speak on BBC Radio Leeds standing in for’s very own Sarah Carmody.

The topic of conversation was ‘Gay Cure Therapy’ and the issues of advertising such “cures”.

In  May last year a group called The Core Issues trust and a Religious group Anglican Mainstream had proposed advertisements promoting ‘Gay Cure Therapy’ banned from being placed on the London Transport Network.

The proposed ad’s parodied a recent stonewall campaign that highlighted acceptance of the LGBT community across our country.

In the radio interview I had the pleasure of  discussing the topic with  Dr Mike Davidson of The Core Issues Trust. Dr Davidson claims that he had  been cured himself however I was left wondering whether Dr Davidson was indeed a doctor in denial.

It is utterly insulting to claim that a sexuality is wrong and that it should and could be cured in the same way that  we  can cure a illness. Sexuality  is in it’s self as individual as the individual themselves and is part of who we are.

Dr Mike was a well spoken man who seemed more in favour of arguing for free speech as opposed to discussing the actually reality of such a placebo treatment. It seems that groups like these are the last veiled opposition to a truly rainbow coloured accepting world. I’m proud that the London Mayor Boris Johnson stopped these advertisements from being placed across our capitals buses.

It is fact that our LGB&T youths struggle to come to terms with their sexualities as it is, imagine them being confronted day in day out with a message that essentially is telling them that their sexuality is a illness and that it needs curing!

Well done Boris for making a stand and to those groups and individuals who agree with Dr Mike I say “Not a Illness,  No need for a cure, now get over it!”

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