Well British Summertime is here already and rather than April shower you with info I thought that i’d just talk a little this month about what ever comes from the top of my head.

Tom and I were lucky enough to be invited to the evening reception of our friends Darren and Sam’s Civil partnership, You may also know Sam and Darren as the fantastic Wakefield Drag Queens Miss Sambuca and Stella. It’s so nice to see two people very happy together and making the commitment to be with each other both emotionally and legally. It’s hard to think of a time when same sex couples where prevented from making this union  but it wasn’t  actually that long ago and the fact that we now can gives us hope for the future, Neverless GW would like to wish Darren and Sam all the best.

Speaking of the future www.gaywakefield.com is going from strength to strength despite some of the wary old guard feeling a little threatened by change, I don’t know why because we are here to put our community and scene first and that also means them included. Not to worry thou it doesn’t seem to have effected your use of the site or our general attitiude to make things better on the whole Wakefield scene.

The Girl in the Pink Dress blog brought to you by our wonderful Drew this month is a great read about the stuggles of a transgender during her early years, be sure to take a look guys and gals.

We hope  aswell to increase the involvement of Yorkshire MESMAC in the input on the site in order to give you all the most up to date and professional advice should you need it.

Finally gaywakefield.com , myself and Tom would like pass on thanks to you all for your continued support of the GW project and promise that together this site can grow and that the best really is yet to come!

much love

Ross (Editor and Co-Creator of GW)


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