Well this is a double whammy editorial because in May I didn’t write one, so you lucky guys and gals now get the privilege of a combined May/June splurge from the workings of my mind.

May came and summer was nowhere to be seen, it did however see Wakefield’s original LGB&T night ‘Glitterballs’ successfully go on tour to The Liquorice Bush in Ponte-Carlo, We sometimes forget that Wakefield is not just a city but a district too and it was great to see the gayers of Pontefract camping it up alongside the questionably not so gayers!

From one gay night to another Havana also saw the launch of it’s proposed monthly LGB&T night ‘Heaven’ with it’s pre party at Westgates Bar & Eatery (Formerly Yates), whilst myself and Tom were away at a friends wedding for this one, we are told it was a fantastic success with legendary drag DJ Madame Connie Lingus on top form.

Talking about Connie Lingus, Connie has said goodbye to Club Odyssey after many many years of great service but you can now catch her at the newly re-opened Rainbow pub. It was sad when the Rainbow closed down because it had such a unique atmosphere, No fear because the sound of tambourine wielding lesbians can be heard once again courtesy of new manager and ex bar wench Katy Ineson and co.

GW launched its S.O.S – Save Our Scene campaign in June to encourage the scene to work more closely together and give our community the fully diverse night out it has long been missing. The Rainbow, The New Union and Club Odyssey went to great lengths to decorate their venues and indeed their staff in the chosen Army theme. Dj Jo King rolled out the barrel in the Rainbow, Chester’s Penni Trition spun her laptop, the International Miss Sam- Buca provided cabaret, Glitz Von Winkle provided ermmmm herself and 40’s singer Ruth concluded the entertainment at The New Union, over at Club Odyssey Chester’s Betty Sparkle added the sparkle to the Dj box proving that Drags CAN be great Dj’s and Madame Nikoal kept us all watered. It was amazing to see so many of our community out in Combat mode and mingling happily between all three venues, a great start to S.O.S campaign but lets make sure we continue to support our scene because things can now only get better.

Finally Stonewall contacted GW to ask for an update on the Fanny & Bacardi discrimination situation. GW were happy to report that no further incidents of homophobic discrimination has been received and that it is believed that the door staff and venue operators may have seen the error of their ways. Only time will tell but if you do have any issues regarding homophobic discrimination in our cities venues then please let us at GW know.

Have a great June, I’m now off to look for the sunshine, where is it????

Lots of Love

Ross McCusker (Co-Creator GW)

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