Tom and Ross

Whilst working within and for the gay community We (Myself and Tom) have come across many a personality with ego’s bigger than a successful drag queens waistline.

We’ve come up against more walls than a post war Berliner and yet managed to navigate the politics of the gay scene queens to promote the LGB&T venues, events, charities and I must say We’ve had a generally fab time.

With so much change about to occur in the LGB&T community. Now seems the perfect opportunity to mention why We do this! It’s all for the community that we work hard on GW in our own time, using our own money and doing it for no profit.

It’s the LGB&T community and their friends that We set up and continue to work on GW and it’s various social networking pages. Wakefield is changing and many of you may have discounted the Wakefield scene recently or written it off as dead. Yeah it’s not been great and times are financially hard for everyone but there’s hope on the near rainbow coloured horizon.

Rest assured there’s still life in the old girl yet and of course GW will be part of it and we’ll as always keep you guys and gals informed, advised and entertained. Keep tuned for all the exciting changes and things that are about to take place!! Here’s to a pinker (not rose tinted) scene in Gay Wakefield 2013 and beyond!!!!

xRoss (Co-Creator

P.S lots of love xxx

Good ship gay wakefield sailing into calmer seas!
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