The Gay Wakefield Heat of Mr Gay UK 2012 took place at Havana’s monthly LGB&T night ‘Heaven’ in late August. GW was there to judge alongside the fabulous Miss Connie Lingus and the lovely Gay Wakefield community. It was a close contest but the shy yet sweet Wakefield Warehouse operative Mr Mark Healy was voted Mr Gay Wakefield and now goes on to be short listed for the main Mr Gay UK 2012 final which takes place in Leeds on Saturgay 29th September.

Mark’s place in the final is nowhere near secure and he needs your votes to make it happen. GW caught up with Mark to discuss his Mr Gay UK experience so far and to find out a little more about this Wakey lad.

GW- Ok So Mark Congrats on winning the Gay Wakefield heat of Mr Gay UK 2012, we’re all dying to know a little about Wakefield’s representative so tell us a little about youself?

MH- Thank you, I guess the first thing you should know is I’m single! ;) haha

I have a pure love for music and dance and have done both since as far back as I can remember. I also adore animal’s I can’t think of one animal I don’t like with the exception of spiders.

GW- So You is looking for a man who’s a bit of a dog but won’t trap you in his web! Lol

You entered the contest at Heaven @ Havana was it something you had planned to do?

MH- No that’s not my type, I have type which is hard to come by but I’m always looking. I have to say entering wasn’t a plan of mine, no I went to watch and socialize but my friend persuaded me to enter and I have to say I’m so glad she did. I didn’t think I had a chance and I’m surprise to even make it this far as all the other guys were so good.

GW- Well Mark the audience and the judges all thought you was the perfect choice to win the heat. What was the most nerve wracking moment of the contest for you?

MH- Thank you so much, it’s a complete honour for me to represent Wakefield. the hardest bit for me was the talking heat when we had to answer questions in the very first round, I normally get scared opening up even a little bit in public as I’m a little shy especially around more confident typical gay guys but my friend (April) told me she believed in me and that I was beautiful to her and so that gave me the strength to carry on and compete.

GW- Awww That’s the sweetness I think that all those who voted for you saw in you. So now that you’ve won your heat the question we all want to know is are you still wearing this years sponsors lick underwear that you got given at the heat?

MH- I’m wearing them as we do this interview and I promise to show case them for you all some more if you vote for me and get me into that live final on the 29th Oct in Leeds!

GW- Great stuff Mark, So what can the guys and gals of gay Wakefield do now to make sure you have the best chance of getting further with MR GAY UK 2012?

MH- Go straight online to before next Tuesday and click on my little pic and vote using Facebook, twitter, text or call.

Do it now please, pretty please and make sure Wakey is represented at MR GAY UK 2012! ;)

GW- Anything else you wanna say to the guys and gals of gay Wakefield before we conclude this interview?

MH- I just wanna say thank you to everyone who voted for me and who has supported me up to this point. It means the world to me, I’m so use to being the guy at the back no one talks to and thanks to you all I feel beautiful and that’s more than I could ever ask for.

Thank you again and gotta be a little cheeky and say anyone aged 18-26 who’s single come ask me on a date!!! haha

GW- Thanks for your time Mark and good look with the rest of the event, GW will certainly be voting for ya! Mark is one of the most genuine real guys we’ve ever had the privilege to meet and he’s well worth your vote for just being the sweetest and keeping it real! Get voting for him guys and gals!!! xGW

To vote Just follow the link 

or alternatively, call 09062 1018 16 or text VOTE 16 to 85722

P.S The live final will take place at Queer-Do @ Mission2 in Leeds on Saturgay 29th October so vote for our Mark and make sure he gets there!!! xGw


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