GW gets sexy and txty with editor Sarah Carmody.

GW- Hi Sarah, hw long hav u been editor of and hw did u find yourself @ the helm of such an important outlet for the LGB&T community?

SC- I’ve been editor for 2 yrs nw. Odd story about hw I became editor, I was due 2 go on a placement with calendar news and @ the time a yng leeds student had an accident walking home form Mission nightclub and sadly drowned in the canal. I wanted to take sum footage 2 calendar so I accosted Mission owner Terry George in the street with a video camera. After practically chasing the poor bloke down the street, he took my number and a wk l8r he rang me to say he owned the gayleeds domain and wud like me 2 do something with it. So I did!

GW- Tht’s gr8 right woman @ the right place at the right time! Since you started @ u must hav witnessed great change on the Leeds scene, wot do u think is the secret 2 attracting the straight and LGB&T communities that mix so well on your patch?

SC- The community in leeds is very diverse which is wot makes it gr8. The Lower briggate/calls end is knwn throughout the city as the ‘gay area’ and yet it attracts all who want to hav a safe, fun night which is why we want to celebrate and promote that area more. It’s a case of the more the merrier in gayleeds as long as everyone respects others. There are such a varied amount of events in that area and they attract people of every sexuality.

GW- We totally agree that it’s all abt diversity. In gaywakefield we have recently experienced homophobic discrimination from a gay owned showbar in the city, it really upsets us. Wot really grinds your gears abt the gay scene and attitudes towards the LGB&T community?

SC- Discrimination frm within our own ranks is probs the hardest thing to deal with. The thing I noticed the most when I 1st took the editors job was sexism towards women by sum who liked 2 describe themselves as community leaders. A lot of things were put into place for men by men and although tht is important, it is also important to find a balance. Lesbians hav an important part to play in changing and promoting our scenes. We face just as much bigotry from outside our community as our GB&T counterparts do and yet within our community there is an ‘old boys network’ tht is scared of change. Saying this though, two of our communities most prominent advocates Terry George and Michael Rothewell r gr8 examples of equality as they always ensure tht the best person has the job, man, woman, gay or straight and they are not afraid to hav women playing a visible and integral part of their businesses, this also applies to all of the bar owners and staff who again will always welcome the best person for the job. As for homophobic discrimination from within our own community, I just don’t get it. Surely we face enough intolerance from others without having to put up with it from our within.

GW- Lng txty sesh but nearly there, so wot makes it worth all the hassle?

SC- Wot makes it worth it is tht I am very determined and I see so much potential within our community. There r so many dedicated and talented people out there who spend every day of their lives striving 4 a gr8 community and I feel honoured tht I am able 2 write about them and their achievements.

GW- Talking of achievements, wot has been your greatest achievement since becoming editor of and wot are your hopes 4 the scene in the future?

SC- Tough question. There hav been bits tht I hav found amazing such as interviewing Heather Peace (Lips Service and Waterloo Road fame) much to my wife’s dismay. Also getting people frm all over the world reading is fab. The most rewarding thing has been meeting the people tht I hav met and interviewed and being part of their passion and integrity which is a massive inspiration. Whilst there are so many selfless people out there our community has a great future. The council are currently in consultation to consider making the LGB&T area of Leeds an official gay village. This is not a plan to exclude anyone but more 2 make a greater inclusive area that holds regular festivals, welcome families and hav money invested to make the area cleaner and better maintained. I am the chair of the committee tht is leading this plan. As 4 my plans, I just don’t know yet, I am at one of those points where I need 2 do more 2 broaden my horizon’s, I just have 2 work out wot they r.

GW- Thnks 4 getting txty with GW Sarah, We hope to see and hear more from u in the future, keep up the good work and hopefully see you in gaywakefield soon. xXx

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