Carla JacksonHi Carla first of all thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by GW.

How many years have you been doing Drag and Cabaret now and can you tell us how you first got into it? 

Hello, thank you for asking! It’s a real honour! Erm, im just into my 7th year as a drag artist and I first got spotted after drag idol by Anna Glypta and the rest they say is history. it’s certainly been dramatic, shall we say. It’s had its ups and downs but I like to think of it as a test of character. I’ve developed this uncanny ability to withstand a lot of bullsh*tters! lol

You performed up and down the country including Wakefield but can you tell us one of your most memorable moments from your career so far? 

I always enjoy performing at wakey pride events, I love the people and always feel welcomed and have ball! The highlights of my career though have been securing some top international contracts, last year touring Malta and Sicily, this year I’ve plans to do Gran Canaria, which is confirmed and America but that’s still in negotiation [Symbol]

You worked with some of the best and worst in the Business, Who out of the community do you admire the most and why? 

I admire the people who work behind the scenes at making LGBT venues work! The managers, the door staff, the people of Yorkshire MESMAC and skyline who put in a lot of voluntary hours educating people in our community and recently, one of my best friends has told me she is trans.

 You my wonder why, but having spent a lot of time with her recently I’ve had time to reflect and see how brave these people are to come out into society and integrate themselves despite the negative attitudes and stereotypes people have towards her. We’ve recently taken to going out shopping together and being an observational person I can’t help but feel a little saddened by reactions and changes to body language, even within our community. She has her own Facebook page, Transmission, check it out!

 Last but not least, my good friend miss orry! Who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I find a lot of people lack the courage of their convictions and over the last few difficult months has had words of wisdom that have really cheered me up!

You often do charity events and have helped raise funds for various charities, tell us about the charity work that is most close to your heart? 

Obviously I’ve been involved in drag idol but for one reason or another it’s not going ahead this year, however I will still be raising money independently for skyline which is a support service for people in Yorkshire living with HIV. Another is St Gemma’s hospice in Leeds. I’m holding a charity event with cabaret on the 13th march at JD’s morley, do come along as every penny raised will be donated  there will be myself and Anna Glypta putting on a full cabaret show, a live singer and a fashion show. Tickets are just £10 and all proceeds go to st gemmas registered charity, just contact me for info and I shall pass you on to the ticket master.

Where can you see yourself in ten years time? 

Hopefully retired from drag, I never held plans of making it a long term career as I feel I have more to do with my life so the plan is to go back into nursing, hopefully ill have attained my masters and be an HIV nurse consultant and also teaching part time, unless of course I get offered a job on ridiculous money (hint hint, bbc big wigs, this one’s for you)

With the debate on Same sex marriage still hot, what is your opinion on same sex marriage? 

I’m very much on the fence here, I’ve little inclination to slip a ring on my finger ;) part of me thinks that if two people want to demonstrate their commitment to each other, then that’s lovely, however I’m not sure about religious leaders being forced into conducting ceremonies. It’s a little like walking into a synagogue and demanding a bacon sandwich just because it’s your basic human right, having said that, we have the right to love who we want, man, woman…I was going to say or beast but bestiality isn’t really my forte. I will say this though, whilst religious leaders are quick to question the sanctity of same sex marriage, nowhere in the bible does Jesus question the sanctity of love (Thanks for that quote dad). We are in an age where things are changing and sometimes it’s better to embrace the change rather than rebel, for a better tomorrow.

With ever growing acceptance of the LGB&T communities in our towns and cities do you see the gay bars surviving much into the future? 

As much as the LGBT community is more in mainstream society, I do personally feel there will always be a necessity for LGBT venues. Although society is generally improving, there will always be phobia so it’s our duty to keep these venues open so as to provide a safe haven for LGB and T members.

Thanks for your time Carla, finally where can the guys and gals of GW catch you performing and djing? xGW 

You can catch me Wednesday, Friday Saturday and Sunday between propaganda, fuel and the yorkshireman in hull, shooting from the lip and djing into the wee hours the odd stint in Newcastle and Middlesbrough. You can also catch the launch of the champagne showgirls (Myself and Anna Blypta) 5th march t propaganda, and you’ll no doubt see us on our uk pride tour before I dash off abroad to do my christmas show.

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