GLucas Primmer - Wakefield PrideW: Hey Lucas, at what age did you begin singing? 

LP: Hi, My first performance was age three on top of a coffee table singing Bohemian Rhapsody into a drumstick lolly.

GW: Haha early starter, many drag queens will now be falling over themselves to rip off that routine.

GW: Speaking of queens, is it true that you was in a band with X-Factor and CBB’s Rylan?

LP: I’d like to say no. But yes it’s true, We worked together in a Westlife and Take That tribute band for Six months in Ibiza.

GW: Amazing, a little birdie tells us that you’ve had success with TV talent show fame also. Tell us a little about that?

LP: Yeah, It was a Glee style talent show called ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on Channel 5, presented by Emma Bunton with celebrity judges Anastacia and Duncan James from Blue.

The show was split into two parts, the first half where existing vocal/dance groupshaf to compete against each other.
And the second part was following the making of the “supergroup”. Soloists went through a gruelling process of auditions to become one of 5 people that were added to the group each week, starting from 5 members in week one, ending up with 30 in week 6. I was added to the group in week 4, they wanted me for week 1 in the original 5 but I had a shaved head and they thought it was a bad look!!! Lol!

GW: So the hair is back now and looking good too (at time of interview!). Is it safe to safe Emma Bunton is your favourite spice girl?

LP: Anastacia was warm and friendly. She even sung a song acapella to me and the group back stage. Emma didn’t really mix with any of us so I wasnt particularly keen. Mel B is my favourite for her outspoken personality, she did an amazing job as a guest judge on the x factor and she’s from Leeds!

GW-Forgetting X-factor, talent show’s and of course Rylan, you seem to have the Wakey-factor, Performing at both 2011 pride and 2012. What was those experiences like for you?

LP: I did indeed, performing at such events is always a highlight for me. Especially Wakefield Pride because its my home turf. The crowds both years were impressive and also very supportive, hopefully the same will be true for 2013!?

GW: Let’s hope So Lucas and you handled both like the true pro. You’ve started singing recently on video blogs with your sister (Jade) and both have amazing voices and chemistry together, could We see you guys maybe doing the circuit together in the near future?

LP: Cheers, Its definitely something to watch out for in the future. She’s still only young but I think she will be ready very soon. I’m extremely proud of her already, We bring the best out of each other for sure.

GW: Yes you’re both very talented. In some of your video blogs you also seem to have caught the musical buzz, is musical theatre a particular passion of yours and would you ever consider a career in theatre?

LP: I did a lot of theatre work in my teens performing at wakefield theatre royal in fame, west side story and the recently popular Les miserables. but I’ve sort of moved away from that now covering more chart stuff and also trying to write my own music. I’m working on a drum n bass track at the moment with my step-sisters boyfriend, who’s made music for the last 5 years, he’s a very talented lad so who knows what could happen with that? I do love a good show song though still.

GW: Producing your own original music, sounds like you have a few interesting projects in the pipeline and GW looks forward to seeing what you (and your sister) do in the future. Final two questions now.

LP: Fire away, fire away.

GW: Tell us the one highlight of your music career so far that sticks out the most?

LP: I’ll have to think for a minute…
Probably week 6 of dont stop believing. We got taken to Disneyland Paris where we performed infront of Cinderellas Castle. Most nerve wracking experience of my life. I have also been asked to perform at Maspalomas pride alongside Sinitta and my old pal Rylan which should be a whole new highlight!

GW: We can see why that would be a magical moment. Finally where would you like to see yourself in ten years time?

LP: Making a comfortable living out of my music, settled down somewhere warm, in a nice house, with a nice lad next to me, but ill try not to turn this into a lonely hearts ad. Lol!!!

GW: We’re sure all your dreams await you Lucas. GW would like to thank you for this interview and would like to wish you and your sister the best of luck with future projects. Oh nearly forget, where can the guys and gals of gay wakefield and beyond find out more about you and your upcoming gigs?

LP: Nah GW, pleasures been mine. Thankyou.

I can be found on

I regularly post updates, videos etc on there and also keep people informed on wgere and when ill be performing.

GW: many thanks and don’t stop believing!

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