Born the illegitimate daughter of a not to be named silver screen actor from the golden age of British B movies, left to fend for herself on the mean streets of Chester where she learnt her trade and recent guest DJ at Club Odyssey in Gay Wakefield the shameless Lady Wanda Why has a quickie with us!

GW- So Wanda you’re well known in the North West especially in Chester, but after your recent visit to Yorkshire in particular Shakey Wakey for GW’s First Birthgay do you see any similarities between both sides of the pennines?

LWW- A Fantastic Queen at the helm…. Normaly when Acts from different places work on a diffent scene it can be a proper bitch fest but like Chester Wakefield has some really nice people running the scene which is key to a great night out, nothing worse than someone thinking the scene revolves around them…. NEWS FLASH It don’t

GW- Talking about Birthgay’s It’s your regular Chester LGB&T night ‘Gender Blender’s’ fourth Birthgay soon. You’ve obviously been doing this a while so congrats but can you tell us how you first came to do Drag, where and why?

LWW- I started off 9 years ago in Bangor North Wales at The 3 Crowns Pub where I did it for a £25 bet (I was young and back then £25 was a top at Top SHop for the next night out) looking back at pics I cringe but perfection takes time hehe,

GW- What movie makes Wanda weep?

LWW- For me its got to be Homeward Bound or Pretty Woman (Fav Film)

GW- If you had to describe Wanda’s Sex life by using the title of a movie what movie would it be?

LWW- Errrr! “The Great Unknown”

GW- From Movies to Television now. You have appeared on S4C (Welsh TV Channel) during the North Wales Mardi Gras and also featured in an Episode of Channel 4′s Shameless, how was your experiences and did anything funny happen during filming?

LWW- about 3 weeks ago I has on a doc program following former Russian Miss World about breaking into the music industy, thank fully its in Russian as I clearly said “She has pefect blow job lips” I just hope they dont translate

GW- As a Celeb you often mingle like a Pringle ( or any other brand of potato crisp) with the rich-ish and famous-ish but do you have a current celebrity crush?

LWW- MANY But top 3 1) Channing Tatum 2) Danny Dyer 3) Danny Miller AKA Aaron Miller from Emmerdale

GW- If Wanda was stranded on a desert island and could only take an iPod with one song on it, what song would that be and why?

LWW- This is where I show my vast taste in Music but it would have to be Don Williams “Till The Rivers All Run Dry”

GW- As a complete Queen on the scene what would Lady Wanda Why do if she suddenly became the Queen of Great Britain?

LWW- Would have to be a big party with all my fav acts and my 3 celeb crushes awaiting me in my royal home

GW- Last but not least, Can you see Wanda ever packing her bags and heading off to a nunnery away from the limelight?

LWW – I always give projects a shelf life, I think being successfull will only last for so long before moving on to another project, this has been proven in the past, all my ex projects, Whilst they have been great experiances and when I’ve moved on they have took another direction sometimes not the best for the customer, Gender Blender has been a part of my life for 4 years and has proven some of the older queens who thought it would never last when in fact its the most successfull gay night Chester has seen, I said 5 years which is along time to been queen bee but who knows…….. I do love Blending my Gays, Lesbians and Straight….. like I said tho who knows!

Would just like to finish off by saying a huge thank you to Connie and all the guys n gals at CLUB  ODYESSY I had a GREAT Time

Lady Wanda Why

You Guys and Gals better keep looking out for Wanda Why at a future GW event, but in the meantime please follow Wanda Why on Facebook and if you’re in Chester check out her Tuesgay night ‘Gender Blender’ at RB’s nightclub.

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