Ross McCuskerWell it’s been a while since GW had a editorial, our monthly editorial turned into a bi monthly one and then via the medium of laziness it then turned into a tri monthly one (We’ll tri anything once!). 2013 is now upon us and a fresh start for editorials and such.

In 2013 GW will be having a high profile guest writer doing our editorial once a month, this month (January) GW is proud to bring you Sarah Carmody. Sarah is a prominent member of the Leeds LGB&T community and is not only a freelance journalist but also the successful ex editor of In this editorial Sarah writes about the inequality of our current marriage laws in particular surrounding the subject of same sex marriage.

xRoss (Co-Creator GW)

Time to make a difference

Sarah CarmodyWithin the next few weeks our chosen representatives in the House of Commons will be voting to decide if marriage becomes something that is available to all consenting adults in the country or if it is going to remain something only available between one man and one woman.

Of course many of us may not want to get married or we may even be in a civil partnership but the point remains that, at present, those who love someone of the same sex are not treated equally in the society that we live in and contribute towards.

Do you pay a lower amount of council tax for being gay? Is your car insurance cheaper? Is your mortgage? No, of course not. We all pay equally towards our society and yet it is a society that does not give equality.

Remember, you employ your Member of Parliament, it is up to you if they keep their jobs and they have a duty to not only listen to you but to respond to what you are saying.

It is not secret that those who are against equal marriage are the ones who are shouting the loudest but you can make a difference right here and right now, you can change our country and our rights forever and now is the time to do this.

There is a link below that takes you to the website Find my MP where you will be able to find contact details and email address for your representative. If you support equal marriage, regardless of your sexuality, then send your MP a quick email telling them so. It won’t take long and could potentially change the world in which we live.

This is not about churches and what they decide to do in future it is about the Government making the decision that intolerance towards love needs to end and marriage should be available to a man and a woman, a man and a man and a woman and a woman equally and without restriction.

So please email your MP and remember, if they will not listen to you or support your right to love then you can exercise your right to remove them as your representative in the next election.

Link to FIND MY MP

Sarah Carmody

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