So it’s that time again where a new blog is here! So I thought why not stamp out some questions with answers.

I am very open when getting paid to do a Q&A session with the general public as I’m there to educate you. However in my day-to-day life I would much rather talk about what happened on TOWIE! So here’s some questions that you should not to ask a transsexual!

Bad things to ask a transsexual

1) I don’t mean to be rude but I just wanted to ask you something and I hope you wont get offended….

Ok – stop right there! The fact you have just opened up your question with “I don’t mean to be rude” and ended with  ”hope you wont get offended”  is obviously tell-tale signs that your question is going to be rude and offensive. If you feel the question is going to offend someone why be a bone head and ask it?

2) Are you a man or a woman?

This question I get asked all the time by the most random of looneys out there. unless you know me personally then you shouldn’t ask this right away. Gender shouldn’t be an issue when you first meet someone, get to know them and if you have an inkling that there’s something different about them take a step back and see how they are presented. I appear as a woman so that should give a hint!

3) What was your “real” name before?

Ok, well if someone introduces themselves to you say for example…”Hi! My name is Drew-Ashlyn” then that is the only name you need to know, unless  the person in question wants to be open with you about their past and what their birth name was then it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not exactly going to make you sleep better at night knowing, and you’re not going to be calling them that name in future. Most trans people don’t want to be reminded of their old name and most of the time when they are asked this question they feel like they have to justify it with an answer in order to get a pat on the back when really like I said. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS :-)

4) Tell me about your sex life?

Don’t ask this Question. 9 times out of 10 I’m pretty sure you don’t get asked questions about your sex life or what you get up to in the bedroom, so this shouldn’t give you a right to ask someone who you don’t really know. Unless the person wants to discuss this then its none of your business. It’s between them and the partner there with. I’m not exactly going to order my lunch with a side dish of condoms. So please keep your questions to yourself when it comes to SEX.

5) Do you date straight guys or gay guys?

Well the fact I appear as a woman and fancy men, then i think that should give you a hint. But just to make it simple here is a low down I did.

  • Most straight guys are into women who are feminine, have curves say for example Pamela Anderson.
  • Most gay guys like masculine, macho guys say for example Brad Pitt.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I’m more towards the Pam Anderson kinda look as opposed to the Brad Pitt one. So therefore that should give you an indication that I date straight men as they look at me as a woman.

6) Not a question but something to be considered ”I think and look at you as a woman!”

Erm not really you wouldn’t say this to your girlfriend, your mum, daughter auntie so why would you say this to a transwoman? You do the math.

7) I know this person who is transsexual, Do you know them?

Hmmm just like you I don’t know everyone in the world, and just because I’m transsexual doesn’t mean I’m going to know every single transsexual.

8) Do you use the women or mens toilets and do you pee standing up?

I guess since I appear as a woman, look like a woman and act like a woman then that should be your first clue. I use the ladies bathroom. and I pee sitting down. This is something which is inappropriate and just plain rude. Why is it you need to know this? Does it make your life complete?


9) Is that a wig?

One thing that I get all the time is: Are you wearing a wig?” Well the answer is no I’m not. I just like to make an effort with my hair. Why would it concern you again if someone does wear a wig then they obviously are already aware of this. They wouldn’t choose to wear one without a reason. You wouldn’t ask this to someone who has lost their hair through cancer etc. – so please don’t ask this to a transwoman.

If you want to be educated on the issue, maybe go to see Question and Answer sessions with trans people who want to be open at a workshop near you. or go to for info on surgery, hormones etc.

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