Old mc Donald had a farm and I went ey I ey I ohhh!

Ok so now that I have that out of my system. Let me begin by saying JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH what a year it has been! One year today since filming My Transsexual Summer. And boy has it been a year.

Laughter, tears, falling in love!

Yep that’s right ive fallen in love all over again!. After the numerous dating dirty little frogs I finally found my one and only prince charming!

To the point where im now permanently branded on his neck!

But this aint gonna be one of them tell all columns no no no.

Its about how im finally going to be starting a whole new life again.

Dropping the whole Drew from MTS persona and just being well regular lil old me again!

Still the bleach blonde tangod leggy chick you all remember ever so well.

But someone whos just more low key.

Im still going to be doing the educational work in schools and have such a year planned for 2013 where hopefully education changes.

Not only that though but ive decided I  can no longer stay put in lil shakey wakey. Theres nothing here for me anymore. The only thing that’s keeping me here is my job at illamasqua in leeds. And my loving family.

But I cant stay here to please everyone. So its time for me to be a local lass no more.

Im planning on packing up by the end of this year to move to good old sunny oxford.

Yes im scared as my life will change dramatically. What with the job etc. but hey I can survive working in bars and clubs. That’s what I did for almost 4 years and I loved every min of it.

I will still carry on with my makeup.  Doing the odd job here and there and building up a client base. But for me all I ever wanted was just a simple life. A job which pays the bills, a little house, a husband and a family.

Im very traditional and hopefully the tradition will begin.

Its nice to just finally feel like me again. Going on a crazy journey around the u.k partying night after night. Made me realize that I am just the same as everyone else. The lifestyle was fun but not for me.

I still cant believe im going to be moving out soon. Who would have thought id have finally got a life ive always wanted and finally feel like an adult.

It’s a big step for me but one that I doubt I will look back on and thing, damn why did I do this.

New start means new beginning and new beginning means a new end!

I cant wait!


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