attitude_alex_reidCage fighter Alex Reid has talked about his past of having sex with other men in an interview with Jeremy Kyle.

Chantelle Houghton, who is the mother of Reid’s daughter Dolly had claimed in the past that Reid “had sex with men and prostitutes” and claimed their relationship broke down because of another man.

Answering Kyle’s question “are you bisexual?”, Reid said:”I… no… I don’t smoke but I have tried a cigarette.

 Experimentation is not orientation… I like women.”

He added: “That was a long long time ago when I was experimenting to find out what I was all about.

”Clearly I like women, I want to be with a woman.

”I’m obsessed with women. I’m brave enough to say that.”

The fighting star also spoke to Kyle about his cross-dressing alter-ego Roxanne, explaining that he began to cross-dress as part of a previous relationship.

Alex was questioned on his alter-ego Roxanne, and he said that it all started in an early relationship.

“Where do we start? It started in a previous relationship in my early 20s.” he said. “She dressed me up, I thought fine, I’ll go with this and really enjoyed it, and we had a great time.

”It’s only ever been done when a partner is willing and it’s a character, in role play.

”It’s a bit of fun to spice up sex life. What people do privately, so what?”

His former partner Houghton once claimed that the cage fighter built a sex dungeon in their home. Reid said: “Sex dungeon… no. Come on. That infuriates me. I could get really crude but I won’t.”

“All I want is credibility and respect.

”I bang my head against the wall, I don’t know what to do.

“I felt very uncomfortable about coming on here but enough is enough.”

In 2010, Reid’s former partner, Katie Price (also known as Jordan) banned him from appearing on the cover of gay magazine Attitude.

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