Orlando Cruz has won his first fight since publicly declaring that he is indeed a gay man.

The 31-year-old confirmed his sexuality earlier this month, making him the first professional boxer to come as whilst their career is still active.

At the time, Cruz said: “I have and will always be a proud Puerto Rican. I have always been and always will be a proud gay man.”

Last night Cruz took on Jorge Pazos in the ring in Florida and won the match.

According to the Daily Mail, it was a unanimous victory for Cruz, who looked “confident” and “at ease”.

The judges scored it 118-110, 116-111, 118-110 for Cruz, who celebrated the victory in front of a cheering crowd at the Kissimmee Civic Centre near Orlando.

“That was my moment, my opportunity, my event,” Cruz said Friday night after the bout, “And I won.”

He added that he was touched by the support of the fans, saying: “I was very happy that they respect me. That’s what I want — them to see me as a boxer, as an athlete and as a man in every sense of the word.”

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