It seems you’re the odd one out in celebville if you haven’t had a nude picture or sex tape leaked these days, and the latest star to fall victim is Justin Bieber.

The singer was left red faced when a picture supposedly of him naked appeared online after his laptop, which he says contains “a lot of personal footage”, was stolen backstage at a gig.

Justin has not confirmed if the snap is of him, but it shows a young man engaging in a sexual act. His head is not shown, but he does have a tattoo of a bird on his hip like Justin.

Justin’s tattoo can be seen on his left hip in the photo.

Taking to Twitter after the computer was stolen, he said he was most bothered about the “personal footage”.

It comes just as Justin believes he was used for ratings on ‘The X Factor USA’.

The popstar appeared alongside his record label boss LA Reid for the judge’s houses section of the show, but bemoaned the lack of screen time he received.

He tweeted: ”

Well if the nude snap does turn out to be real, we’ve probably seen enough of Justin to last a lifetime, so he needn’t worry too much.

Earlier this morning Gay Wakefield gets mentioned on Capital FM and we also get a Tweet!

More updated news relating to this story can be found here!

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