Macmillan Cancer SupportMacmillan Cancer Support, together with the National LGB&T Partnership,( which Yorkshire MESMAC is a partner) is interested in setting up a Task Force looking at the issues for people with Cancer for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGB&T) community.

For the purpose of this work the definition of Task force being used covers the following;

 LGB&T Cancer Taskforce

  • Has a range of people involved (max of 15) including people affected by cancer their carers from the LGB&T community, as well as experts in LGB and T issues.
  • Has flexibility in terms of what the focus of work is, the group will decide on focus and on solutions. Macmillan will create enabling conditions to support the work e.g. through coordination, Macmillan contacts, research grants etc.
  • Flexibility in terms of meetings London/Manchester etc, participants can join by teleconference, we are happy to explore Skype options.
    • The group would not be a task and finish group, is expected to run for more than one year and possibly significantly longer, but would be dictated by the group.
    • Macmillan would pay for travel expenses, accommodation and hosting meetings.
      • The members of the Task Force would be recruited on the basis of the attached role descriptor for membership.


Based on the attached role descriptor, if you would be interested in volunteering to be part of this task force please contact Selina Mehra User Support & Involvement Co-ordinator Macmillan Cancer Support Email: giving your contact details and reasons for wanting to be part of this work.


LGB&T Cancer Taskforce Member Role Description


What would I be doing?

  • Identifying cancer-related inequalities and barriers to good patient experience in the LGB&T community
  • Gathering evidence on the nature and impact of poor patient experience, the variability of patient experience and cancer-related inequalities
  • Identify areas for change or development to support Macmillan’s national work on these areas
  • Work on taking forward activities which will achieve these changes with support from the Macmillan Taskforce facilitator and other members of the Taskforce

*by community we mean people who:

  • Have a shared experience of cancer
  • Share your passion/belief that certain types of support should be provided/more readily available for people affected by cancer
  • Share your cultural, racial or social background etc

What activities will/could I be involved in?

  • Discussing common experiences
  • Identifying issues that you want to take forward relating to your experiences or the experiences of others
  • Undertaking local research activities to support the Taskforce’s cause and support it to implement its activities
  • Co-writing and submitting research bids with the Macmillan facilitator
  • Working with Macmillan staff to produce training and guidance for people affected by cancer and Macmillan Professionals to raise awareness of the things that the Taskforce is trying to change and engage them on the agenda
  • Representing the work of the Taskforce at various engagement events (from Parliament to local events at hospital Trusts, with local community organisations)
  • Writing about the work of the Taskforce and the impact that this is having
  • Speaking about the work of the Taskforce and the impact that this is having

 What training and support will Macmillan offer you?

  • There will be a lead facilitator from Macmillan who will be responsible for coordinating the Taskforce which involves organising meetings, coordinating and supporting Taskforce members to carry out activities, taking forward actions and discussions within Macmillan to support the Taskforce to further its agenda, identifying where the work of the Taskforce should link with the external agenda and working with the Taskforce to make this happen
  • Arrangning Meeting space
  • A contact who ensures that the Taskforce maintains good communication of its ideas, work and progress and who feeds back to the group regularly on progress  
  • Information on your role and responsibilities, how to carry out the role to the required standard and work within Macmillan’s policies and procedures
    • Training in relevant areas such as;
      • chairing and group facilitation skills
      • Introduction to Data Protection requirements
      • Guidance on how to collect, store and analyse different types of data
      • Guidance on the importance of confidentiality and taking an evidenced based, neutral approach to the work of the Task Force

What ongoing support/guidance will there be?

  • The Taskforce facilitator will be available by telephone or email to answer questions
  • Regular updates by phone or email with the Taskforce facilitator to communicate the outcomes of the Taskforce’s work

What skills, abilities and experience will I need to have?

  • A certain amount of time to regularly input into the work and activities of the Taskforce – there is no set amount of time required but the ability to regularly get involved is important to the Taskforce moving forward with its agenda
  • Comfortable meeting and interacting with new people
  • Comfortable with regularly communicating with people
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Willing to undertake training required for this role
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality
  • Act in ways that upholds Macmillan’s reputation e.g. by following Macmillan’s rules of conduct, Health and Safety, legal and data protection policies
  • Be a good ambassador if/when your role requires you to represent Macmillan
  • Bring to the attention of the lead facilitator at Macmillan any support, development or further information needed to carry out this role well
  • Aware of the emotional and social impact of a cancer experience

How much time should I offer? (These are estimated maximum times)

  • Quarterly meetings – 4-5 hours per meeting, not including travel
  • Telephone conversations with lead facilitator/group members – 30 minutes a week (if necessary – this is often ad hoc)
  • Reading/online research time  – 2 – 4 hours per week
  • Writing up research findings and the thoughts relating to this that you think would be relevant to the Taskforce’s work
  • Training time – relevant training courses such as chairing and facilitating, data protect

 What days of the week/time of day would you need me?

  • Your Task Force will meet at mutually agreed times. Macmillan tries to avoid meetings that are too early or too late for the comfort of attendees and to avoid peak travel
  • You will need to allow time for activities such as reading documents, carrying out research, meeting with other people affected by cancer, community groups and/or Macmillan staff which will vary and some of which can be done around your personal schedules

Where will I be based?

  • This role is predominantly home-based with occasional meetings in your local community and/or at Macmillan’s offices

Will I need my own transport?

  • This role does not require the use of a car but if there are mobility or health reasons why this is the most suitable form of transport for you, please discuss re-imbursement of car costs with your named Macmillan Taskforce Facilitator

What are the benefits to me?

The benefits that this role offers include:

  • Taking action on an issue that you are passionate about with others who share your passion
  • Making a difference to your local community to improve the experiences of others
  • Meeting and working with new people
  • Learning new skills
  • Learning more about Macmillan and the way it works

What are the benefits to people who are supported by Macmillan Cancer Support?

 Your involvement will:

  • Lead to more inclusive ways of Macmillan taking action that are driven by people affected by cancer in their own voice
  • Ensure that the concerns and experiences of people affected by cancer are at the heart of Macmillan’s agenda   
  • Empower people affected by cancer to take action

 Will my expenses be paid?

  • We will pay your’ “out-of-pocket” expenses within agreed guidelines.
  • Please contact us if you would like further information on expenses.
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