Join us on the morning of Monday 25 June to welcome the Olympic Flame to Wakefield, celebrate the achievements of the inspirational Torchbearers carrying the Flame through the community and share in the excitement of the Olympic Torch Relay.

The Olympic Torch will travel through:


  • approximate time of arrival 11.09am

Wentworth Street (Wakefield Girls High School), Burton Street (Wakefield College), Bond Street (County Hall), Wood Street (Town Hall), Bull Ring, Westmoreland Street, Teall Street, Kirkgate Precinct, Kirkgate (Hepworth Gallery)


  • approximate time of arrival 11.49am

Leeds Road (Joffre Avenue to Front Street section), Front Street, Park Road


  • approximate time of arrival 12.05pm

Front Street, Jubilee Way, Mill Hill Road, Ackworth Road (Kings School)


  • approximate time of arrival 12.28pm

Pontefract Road (Ackworth Quaker School), Barnsley Road (Ackworth Moor Top and Oakfield Park Primary School).

For more information about the Olympic Torch Relay route visit Wakefield Council’s website at:

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