wakefield-gay-group-logoOn Wednesday 10 April Wakefield Gay Group decided to become the third LGB&T group (following AMP and Trans Wakefield) to move to Yorkshire MESMAC’s newly revamped and air conditioned Calder Vale offices. Gay Wakefield asks why…

‘We were aware that some people were put off joining WaGG by the fact that we met in a pub’ one long standing member said, ‘we wanted to be clear what we were about, and be as inclusive as possible. So we checked out MESMAC’s new offices at the Open House event last week and the decision was easy.’

So when and where will you be meeting?
Starting 22nd April, every first and third Monday of the month from 8pm-10pm at Suite 1 Trinity Buildings, Calder Vale Rd WF1 5PE.

Your a gay men’s group aren’t you?
‘Primarily yes, although we are not exclusively so, members have brought their straight friends and family members in the past and this has never been a problem. So long as you are friendly and join in with the fun and games you are welcome.’

So you won’t be changing what happens at group?
‘No we will have our usual variety of games, quiz’s and activities, led by group members.’

So we won’t be seeing you guys around on the scene anymore?
‘Well I wouldn’t assume that’, he said smiling, ‘I am sure we will all be heading off to one of the scene venues on a Monday after group for a couple of pints. We would like to thank The New Union and The Rainbow for accommodating the group until now, they have always been helpful and made us feel welcome. The Sunday Lunch Club (held on the last Sunday of the month) will, of course, continue to meet in one of the pubs.’

If you would like more information about WaGG or The Sunday Lunch Club (or any of the other LGB&T groups) contact Mark Tyson on 07955 005 113 or email m.tyson@mesmac.co.uk.

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