A quarter of people living with HIV do not know that they have the virus. Knowing if you are HIV positive or negative enables you to make confident choices about your health and gain peace of mind. Yorkshire MESMAC is launching the first Yorkshire Know Your HIV Status Day on 7th June 2012 to encourage everyone living in Yorkshire to know their HIV status and get tested.

The sooner you know your status the better. An earlier diagnosis gives you access to the healthcare you may need and allows you to protect your sexual partners as well.

“The main reason why people come in to get tested with me at Testing Times is to get peace of mind and the vast majority get it.” said Tom Hunt, the Leeds Community Development Worker, “The stress and underlying worry of not knowing your HIV status is, in its own way, harmful to your health. We are here for you and will support you whatever the outcome.”

Mark from Bradford recently found out he was HIV positive using the MESMAC service he said, ‘Although it was a shock, I couldn’t of asked for a better or more understanding service, MESMAC have supported me all the way and whilst I’m still getting use to the news I feel more confident about the future’

Tom Hunt explained, ‘Yorkshire MESMAC has a long running, award winning, rapid HIV testing service called Testing Times which has expanded from Leeds to cover the Wakefield, Bradford and North Yorkshire regions’. On the Yorkshire Know Your HIV Status Day, our offices in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and York will be throwing open their doors for people to come and get tested from 10am to 7pm. The service is open to everyone over 16. It is free, fast and confidential with results back in 20 minutes using a small pin prick sample of blood from your finger.

Testing Times also runs during the week in different locations, during the day, evenings and even on a Saturday. Even if you miss a drop-in testing session you can book an appointment for a test. If you prefer we can point you in the right direction for your nearest sexual health clinic.

Call your local area office for more information or if you have any questions:

  • Leeds 0113 244 4209
  • Bradford 01274 395 815
  • Wakefield 01924 211 117
  • North Yorkshire 01904 620 400

If you are not in the areas above and you would like to find your closest HIV testing centre , call the National Sexual Health Helpline on 0800 567 123.

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