wakefield-gay-group-logoWakefield Gay Group (WaGG) is a friendly social group where you can meet new people and make new friends in a safe and supportive environment. It is primarily a gay and bisexual adult men’s group but everyone is welcome so come and join us.

The group meets every fortnight on a Wednesday at 8pm but at other times as well. Forthcoming dates, times and events In January will include:

Wednesday 16 – Who Am I?
Bring a photo of yourself when you were younger: 8pm – 10pm at The Rainbow Pub

Saturday 19 – Curry Night
Come and join us for a curry at the Cinnamon Lounge, 65 Northgate, WF1 3BP, Wakefield from 7.30pm onwards

Saturday 26 – Condom Packing Party
Yorkshire MESMAC needs volunteers to help them to pack condoms and lube into handy pocket size packages for distribution on the gay scene. It’s a friendly, fun and social event. Your help will be much appreciated. In the New Union from 8pm – 10pm.

Sunday 27 – Sunday Lunch Club
We will be meeting to enjoy a Sunday dinner at The Rainbow from 2pm

Wednesday 30 – Fact Or Crap
By Grey: 8pm To 10pm at The Rainbow Pub

For more information please Contact Mark Tyson: 07955 – 055133 / mark.tyson@me.com / check out wagg.gaywakefield.com or we will see you on the night.

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